Voigtlander SNAPSHOT-SKOPAR 25mm F4 MC silver L39 mount

This is a slim body barrel, it fits well with a classic camera
"Voigtlander SNAPSHOT - SKOPAR 25mm F4 MC" is in stock.

It becomes a L39 mounted wide angle lens of perfect measurement type.
Would you like to take a snappy snapshot with L39 mount camera attached?

The serial number is 9920785.
The aperture is 4 - 22.
The number of diaphragm blades is 10.
Mount becomes L39 mount.
The accessories are as follows.
· Metal food
· Food cap

In case
In case
It becomes operation confirmed.
Helicoid and aperture operation
No problem.
There are very few threads
It is in a beautiful state with less usability.
It is in good condition.
If you hold a strong light and dirt is mixed
You can see cloudy.
You can see the falling coat of the back ball.

Product control number: 10204784