Voigtlander SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mm F4.5 M/L39 mount + finder

This is a slim body barrel, it fits well with a classic camera
"SUPER WIDE - HELIAR 15 mm F4.5 ASPHERICAL" is in stock.
It becomes a L39 mount ultra wide-angle lens of perfect measurement type.
With a 15 mm dedicated viewfinder for your favorite L39 mount camera
How about trying on and enjoying ultra wide angle photos easily?

The serial number is 9911786.
The aperture is 4.5 - 22.
The number of diaphragm blades is 10.
Mount becomes L39 mount.
Since the L / M ring is attached this time, even with the M mount
It is available.
Accessories are as follows.
· L / M ring (50)
· 15 mm viewfinder

In case
In case
It becomes operation confirmed.
Helicoid and aperture operation
No problem.
Detailed wounds and threads of aging can be seen.
It is in good condition.
It is a state that looks beautiful visually.
Chilli mixing and fine scratches are slightly seen when holding a strong light.
The viewfinder is beautiful by eye.

Product control number: 10211334