Voigtlender BESSA-L silver

It will be FotoRender's eye-catcher camera "BESSA-L".
Measurement type camera with no viewfinder on the body,
It is only an exposure meter that needs batteries,
It will be a mechanical camera.
Although it has only the minimum function in shooting,
On the contrary, it has become a camera that stirs up desire for photography.
Rustic cameras with plenty of body with various functions,
Why do not you take this opportunity.
The serial number will be 00007558.
The shutter speed is B, 1 s - 1/2000 s.
The accessories are as follows.
·instruction manual


It is operation confirmed.
The exposure LED also glows steadily.
Self timer, shutter speed,
There is no problem in operation such as hoisting.
Noticeable threads and scratches are not seen
It is a relatively clean state.
It is a relatively clean state.

Product control number: 10209596